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Coach Information

For the Fall season,the coaches will have more input into the rosters.  Most of the existing coaches
know what players they would like on their team, so in order to make the rostering more efficient, you 
will be providing NJJBA with a list of players.  All teams will need at least 9 players to be considered a 
team for the fall. 

You will be given the option to have one ourdoor practice field per week.  You will also be allowed to access our indoor practice facility one time per week.  All practices are at the coaches discretion, but you may not get the date/time you want as there is high demand for fields and this is not baseball season.

Please ensure you follow our Fall Rules for the entire season, until the end of season tournament.  This is critical to provide a great experience in Fall for all participants.
New Coaches/Teams: 
If you have not previously coached for NJJBA and would like to coach a team in the Fall season, 
please contact the Coaches Director at and the Fall Ball coordinator at 
.  New coaches may have to be subject to a background check and approval by the 
coach director. 
Full teams from other leagues may possibly join the NJJBA Fall Ball Season.  Please contact the fall ball 
coordinator for further details.  NJJBA will need to know the age group and level of play.  You must have 
a minimum of 9 players already designated to your team.  There may be some available players to add 
to your roster, but only after the NJJBA teams have been assembled. 
Existing Coaches/Teams: 
If you have coached previously at NJJBA and are wanting to coach your team in the Fall season, or 
if you will be having an assistant coach: 
1. You need to contact the Registrar and Fall Ball Coordinator to state that you are going to coach 
and what age you will be coaching starting July 13. 

2. Final rosters will be issued on August 10th. 

3. Fall Ball Schedules finalized week of August 13th.
4. Games will start on August 25th.
Please direct any questions to our office at,   or 303-422-7406 or Kyle   
As part of the NJJBA board of directors, thank you for participating the Fall 2019 season. 
Kyle Harteker  
Fall Ball Director